Complex order vs complex people

'A BELVEDERE, dry, twist of lime, super cold; a Ketel One, wet, three olives; two Bombays, one on the rocks, one with a twist and one with a blue cheese-stuffed olive; a Makers Mark old-fashioned, no sugar, add extra bitters and a lemon; and a Don Julio," the man said without taking a breath. "Are [...]

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To agave, or not to agave

'YOU KNOW WHAT you should do?" a man I had never seen before asked me, unsolicited I might add. "What's that?" I said, looking around at the milling Wednesday night crowd that indicates a bar doing well. "You should use agave nectar in your margaritas." "We have agave nectar if you want it." "No," he [...]

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Barfly: Mixologist or bar chef? What about just Bartender?

IT WAS ONE of those  social gatherings where everyone stands around holding a glass of white wine in one hand while simultaneously balancing a small plate of pasta salad and cocktail shrimp in the other. I  had done my best with the shrimp and had almost secured a mouthful of pasta salad when a woman asked [...]

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Holiday P.I.A.

8 p.m. on Friday night. The busiest time of the busiest night of the week. And this wasn’t just any Friday night; it was the busiest Friday in the busiest month of the year. In the time it took me to register those thoughts at least half a dozen people began waving their arms frantically, [...]

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A room with a view, not so great on Sept. 11

Called in to work on a Tuesday morning. What a drag. One of the drawbacks of the restaurant business are the odd hours. Of course that is also one of its many advantages too. When you work in the highest grossing restaurant in the nation ($37 million) you are going to have to make some [...]

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When I read the history of the local 209 Distillery I became intrigued. The story goes that one William Scheffler bought a patent for a new design of pot still in New York in 1870. Moving West he first set up a distillery at Krug winery in St. Helena and then in 1880, purchased his [...]

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Staring into the abyss on Mothers Day

It was a sun shiny Mother’s Day, full of the promise of Spring. The birds were chirping, bright colored dresses uncovering legs seeing their first sunlight of the year dotted the restaurant. It was the calm before the storm. Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for many restaurants. Not true for fathers [...]

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Cinq de Mai

Some years ago I was walking through the kitchen of the restaurant where I was working about this time of year. I walked up and swiped my employee card, punching in for my day. Surrounding the time clock were several cooks that I knew were from near Ixtapa inMexico, who were also waiting to swipe [...]

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Mint Julep

Here it comes, the first Saturday in May. That means the annual running of the thoroughbreds at Churchill Downs, known as the “Run for the Roses” or more commonly as the Kentucky Derby. With the race will come the slew of rookie mint julep orders. Some years ago I had an experience that defined the [...]

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"Hey Jeff, were you working last Saturday night?" asked one of my more regular customers. "Sure was," I answered, realizing in a second that I had also worked the previous 50 Saturday nights as well. "I think you were on Yelp, then," he said with a grin. Yelp is the website where people are given [...]

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