The Holiday Party

Being surrounded by subordinates, it was obvious that the boss didn’t know exactly what to do with someone he had no power over. He tried his best to wiggle out of a potentially embarrassing situation.

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Holiday Pointers

                Daylight savings time was like turning on a switch. One day it was business as usual and the next day it was gangbuster busy. The holiday season has officially begun, which means that a lot of people who don’t normally go out descend en masse upon us [...]

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Halloween Hot Chocolate

“What was I doing there?” I thought as I stood there shivering, in front of the nightclub with a pocket full of cash, a maglight and I’ll admit, a slightly bad attitude.

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The differences between Mars and Venus

Perhaps that is why the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” appears so true. It is because that woman has already self-settled for less when she has decided on you. How dare you be the one to tell her to set her bar a little lower.

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Just simple economics

Try one of those $50 a bottle super deluxe vodkas, you might not be able to taste the difference, but nothing looks more like success than excess.

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Give ’em a second chance

“How do you make a small fortune?” goes the joke. “Take a large one and buy a restaurant.”

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Picon Punches

My wife and I needed to get away from our busy North Bay schedule; traffic, work, shuttling our preteen daughter around. We needed a break. We decided to go visit her sister, who had recently moved to Nevada and had been bugging us to come visit. “Why don’t we go to Basque food?” said my [...]

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The Negotiation

“You can’t be closed,” the man argued, looking at his watch as if his interpretation of the time might be different than the managers.

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The Barfly is watching…

“I don’t know why I keep coming back here,” he says. Frankly, neither do we.

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